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Radio in tunisian language

Tunisian Arabic, also known as Tunisian Darija, is the everyday language spoken by the majority of Tunisians. The language has evolved from Classical Arabic, but it includes French, Italian, and Berber influences.

Tunisian music has a rich and varied history, with traditional genres such as Malouf and Mezoued, and more modern sounds like Rap and Pop. Some of the most popular musical artists using the Tunisian language include:

- Emel Mathlouthi - a singer-songwriter known for her powerful vocals and political lyrics. She gained international attention during the Arab Spring with her song "Kelmti Horra" (My Word is Free).
- Sabry Mosbah - a rapper who blends Tunisian rhythms with Hip-Hop beats. He is known for his socially conscious lyrics and has collaborated with other Tunisian artists and international musicians.
- Amel Zen - a singer who fuses traditional Tunisian music with contemporary sounds. She has released several albums and has performed in various festivals around the world.

Tunisia has a variety of radio stations broadcasting in Tunisian Arabic, including:

- Radio Tunis Chaîne Internationale - a public radio station that broadcasts news, music, and cultural programs in Tunisian Arabic and French.
- Radio Zitouna FM - a private radio station that broadcasts religious programs, recitation of the Quran, and talks on Islamic topics in Tunisian Arabic.
- Mosaique FM - a private radio station that broadcasts news, sports, and music in Tunisian Arabic and French. It is one of the most popular radio stations in Tunisia.

Overall, the Tunisian language and its music scene have a vibrant and diverse culture that reflects the country's history and identity.