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Radio in romansh language

Romansh is one of the official languages of Switzerland and is primarily spoken in the southeastern part of the country. It is a Romance language, closely related to Italian, French, and Spanish. Despite its small number of speakers, there are several popular musicians who sing in Romansh. Among them is singer-songwriter Linard Bardill, who has been active since the 1980s and has released numerous albums in the language. Other notable Romansh musicians include Gian-Marco Schmid, Chasper Pult, and Theophil Aregger.

There are several radio stations in Switzerland that broadcast in Romansh, including Radio Rumantsch, which is the only radio station that broadcasts entirely in Romansh. The station provides news, music, and other programming in the language. Other Swiss radio stations, such as RTR, also provide Romansh-language programming as part of their offerings.