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Radio in kichwa language

Kichwa is a Quechuan language spoken by indigenous people in South America, particularly in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. It is the second most widely spoken indigenous language in the Andes, with over 1 million speakers.

Kichwa music has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many artists incorporating the language into their lyrics. One of the most well-known Kichwa musical groups is Los Nin, a band from Ecuador that combines traditional Andean instruments with modern beats. Other popular Kichwa artists include Luzmila Carpio, a Bolivian singer known for her powerful vocals, and Grupo Sisay, an Ecuadorian group that performs traditional Kichwa music.

There are also several radio stations that broadcast in Kichwa. In Ecuador, Radio Latacunga 96.1 FM and Radio Iluman 98.1 FM are two of the most popular Kichwa-language stations. Both play a mix of traditional and contemporary music, as well as news and cultural programming. In Peru, Radio San Gabriel 850 AM is a Kichwa-language station that broadcasts from the city of Cusco. The station features a mix of music, news, and talk shows, all in Kichwa.

The popularity of Kichwa music and radio stations highlights the importance of preserving indigenous languages and cultures. By promoting the use of Kichwa, these artists and broadcasters are helping to keep alive a rich and vibrant part of South American heritage.