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Radio in kriolu language

Kriolu is a creole language spoken mainly in Cape Verde, West Africa. The language is based on Portuguese with influences from African languages. The most popular musical artists using Kriolu language are Cesaria Evora, Lura, and Mayra Andrade. Cesaria Evora, known as the "Barefoot Diva," was a Cape Verdean singer who brought international attention to Kriolu music. Lura is a singer and songwriter who blends Kriolu music with African and Portuguese styles, while Mayra Andrade is a singer who incorporates jazz and soul into her Kriolu music. In addition to music, Kriolu is also used in literature, poetry, and theater.

There are a few radio stations that broadcast in Kriolu language in Cape Verde, such as RCV (Radio Cabo Verde) and RCV+ (Radio Cabo Verde Mais), which are the national radio stations. Others include Rádio Comunitária do Porto Novo, Rádio Horizonte, and Rádio Morabeza. These stations provide a variety of programming, including news, talk shows, music, and cultural programs, all in Kriolu language. With the widespread use of Kriolu in Cape Verdean culture, the language continues to evolve and develop as an important part of the country's identity.