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Radio stations in Pakistan

Pakistan is a diverse country with a variety of cultures and languages. There are numerous radio stations operating in the country, catering to different regions and demographics. FM 100, FM 101, FM 91, and Radio Pakistan are some of the most popular radio stations in Pakistan.

FM 100 is a Lahore-based radio station that plays a mix of Pakistani and Bollywood music. The station also airs talk shows, celebrity interviews, and live events. FM 101, another popular radio station, is operated by Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) and is available nationwide. FM 101 broadcasts a mix of news, current affairs, music, and entertainment programs.

FM 91 is a youth-oriented radio station that airs popular Western music, Pakistani pop songs, and contemporary tracks. The station also airs talk shows and interactive programs. Radio Pakistan, the state-owned radio network, operates over 30 stations across the country. The network airs a mix of news, current affairs, sports, and cultural programs in various regional languages.

Popular radio programs in Pakistan include "Subah Say Agay" on FM 103, which features a mix of news, talk shows, and celebrity interviews. "Suno Pakistan" on Radio Pakistan is a popular program that covers current affairs and news from around the country. "Breakfast Show with Sajid Hassan" on FM 91 is another popular program that features celebrity interviews, music, and interactive segments.

In recent years, online radio stations have gained popularity in Pakistan. Stations like Mast FM 106 and Radio Awaaz offer live streaming services, catering to the growing number of listeners who prefer to tune in online. Overall, radio remains a popular medium for entertainment, news, and information in Pakistan.