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Radio in dakota language

The Dakota language, also known as Sioux, is an indigenous language spoken by the Dakota people in the United States and Canada. It belongs to the Siouan language family and has several dialects. The language is in danger of disappearing as it is spoken by fewer and fewer people.

Despite this, there are some musicians who use the Dakota language in their music. One of the most popular is Kevin Locke, a traditional Native American flute player and hoop dancer. He sings in both English and Dakota and has released several albums with Dakota language songs.

Another musician who uses the Dakota language is Dakota Hoksila, a rapper and hip-hop artist. His music addresses social issues facing Native American communities and he raps in both English and Dakota.

There are also radio stations that broadcast in the Dakota language. One of them is KILI Radio, located in Porcupine, South Dakota. It is a non-profit radio station that serves the Lakota people and broadcasts in both English and Lakota/Dakota. Another radio station is KNBN Radio, located in New Town, North Dakota. It broadcasts in both English and Dakota and serves the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation.

In conclusion, the Dakota language is an important part of Native American culture and history. While it is in danger of disappearing, there are still musicians and radio stations that use and promote the language, helping to preserve it for future generations.