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Radio stations in Bahia state, Brazil

Bahia is a state in northeastern Brazil known for its rich Afro-Brazilian culture, stunning beaches, and vibrant music scene. When it comes to radio, Bahia is home to a number of popular stations that reflect the state's unique character and identity.

One of the most popular radio stations in Bahia is Itaparica FM, a community-based station that plays a mix of local and international music. Other popular music stations in Bahia include Bahia FM, which specializes in Brazilian pop and samba music, and Mix FM, which plays a mix of pop and rock music.

Bahia is also home to a number of stations that specialize in news and current affairs. One such station is BandNews FM, which covers national and international news with a focus on Bahia and the northeastern region of Brazil. Another popular news and talk radio station in Bahia is Piatã FM, which features a mix of news, sports, and cultural programming.

In addition to music and news programming, Bahia is home to a number of popular programs that cover a range of topics related to the state and its people. One such program is Conversa de Portão, a talk show that airs on Salvador FM. The program covers a range of topics related to Bahia, including politics, culture, and social issues.

Another popular program in Bahia is A Tarde É Sua, a talk show that airs on Metrópole FM. The program features interviews with local celebrities and public figures and covers a wide range of topics related to Bahia's culture and society.

Overall, Bahia is home to a diverse range of radio stations and programs that reflect the unique character and identity of the state. Whether you're a fan of music, news, or talk radio, there is something for everyone in Bahia's vibrant radio scene.