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Radio stations in China

China is a vast country with a diverse radio market, with both state-owned and private radio stations. The most popular radio stations in China are largely state-owned, with China Radio International, China National Radio, and China Central Television Radio being among the most widely listened to. China Radio International broadcasts news, cultural and entertainment programs in multiple languages to audiences in China and around the world. China National Radio is also a state-owned radio station that broadcasts news and entertainment content, while China Central Television Radio is the radio division of the national TV broadcaster, and features news, sports, and entertainment programs.

Apart from state-owned radio stations, there are also several private radio stations in China, such as Beijing Radio Music Radio FM 97.4, which focuses on music and entertainment, and FM 94.5 FM which features talk shows, music, and news. Popular radio programs in China include "Good Morning Beijing," a morning show that features news, entertainment, and weather updates, and "China Drive," a current affairs program that covers news and politics. "Happy Camp," a variety show that features celebrity guests and games, is also a popular radio program in China.