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Radio in tamazight language

Tamazight, also known as Berber, is a language spoken in North Africa, particularly in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. It is a complex language with various dialects, and it has a rich cultural and historical heritage.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of Tamazight music, also known as Berber music. Some of the most popular Tamazight artists include Oum, Mohamed Rouicha, and Hamid Inerzaf. These artists incorporate traditional Berber rhythms and instruments into their music, while also infusing modern influences.

Tamazight language radio stations can be found in various North African countries, including Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. Some of the most popular radio stations in Tamazight include Radio Tiznit, Radio Souss, and Radio Imazighen.

Efforts have been made to preserve and promote the Tamazight language, and it has gained official recognition in some North African countries. Today, it continues to be an important part of the cultural identity of the Berber people.