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Synth core music on the radio

Synthcore, also known as electronicore or tron-punk, is a fusion genre that combines elements of metalcore and electronic music. It emerged in the early 2000s and gained popularity in the mid-2010s. The genre typically features aggressive metalcore riffs and breakdowns blended with electronic elements such as synthesizers, samplers, and electronic drums. The vocals are often harsh screams or growls mixed with clean singing.

Some of the most popular synthcore bands include Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, and Enter Shikari. Attack Attack! is often credited with pioneering the genre, and their 2008 debut album "Someday Came Suddenly" is considered a classic of the genre. Asking Alexandria gained mainstream success with their album "Reckless & Relentless" in 2011, which featured electronic elements and catchy choruses. I See Stars is known for incorporating trance and dubstep influences into their music, while Enter Shikari is known for their politically charged lyrics and experimental sound.

There are several radio stations that specialize in playing synthcore and electronicore music, including Digital Gunfire, which streams a mix of synthcore, aggrotech, and EBM (electronic body music), and Distortion Radio, which plays a mix of metal, punk, and electronic music, including synthcore. Other popular stations include RadioU, which features a mix of rock, hip hop, and electronic music, and idobi Radio, which plays a variety of alternative music genres, including synthcore.