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Happy hardcore music on the radio

Happy Hardcore is a subgenre of electronic dance music that originated in the UK during the early 1990s. It is characterized by its fast tempo, upbeat melodies, and its distinctive use of the "hoover" sound. This music genre is known for its positive and energetic vibe that can make people dance all night long.

Some of the most popular artists of this genre include DJ Hixxy, DJ Dougal, Darren Styles, and Scott Brown. DJ Hixxy is considered one of the pioneers of Happy Hardcore and has been producing music since the early 1990s. He is known for his signature sound that incorporates catchy melodies and uplifting beats. Darren Styles is another prominent artist who has been producing Happy Hardcore music for over two decades. He is known for his electrifying live performances and his ability to create music that makes people happy.

There are several radio stations that play Happy Hardcore music around the world. One of the most popular ones is HappyHardcore, which is an online radio station that streams 24/7. It features a wide variety of Happy Hardcore music from the past and present, as well as live shows from popular DJs in the genre. Another popular radio station is Slammin' Vinyl, which is a UK-based radio station that broadcasts Happy Hardcore, Drum & Bass, and Jungle music. Other notable radio stations include HappyFM in Spain and Hardcore Radio in the Netherlands.

In conclusion, Happy Hardcore is a music genre that is loved by many people around the world. Its upbeat and positive vibe can make anyone feel happy and energized. With its growing popularity and dedicated fan base, it's no wonder that Happy Hardcore has become a staple in the electronic dance music scene.