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Minimal music on the radio

Minimal music, also known as minimalism, emerged in the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It is a style of experimental music that is characterised by its sparse and repetitive structures. Minimalism is often associated with composers such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and Terry Riley.

Steve Reich is perhaps one of the most well-known minimalist composers. His works often feature gradual and repetitive patterns of music that slowly shift over time. His pieces "Music for 18 Musicians" and "Different Trains" are considered to be classics of the genre.

Philip Glass is another important figure in the minimalist movement. His music is characterised by repetitive rhythms and simple harmonic progressions. Some of his most famous works include the operas "Einstein on the Beach" and "Satyagraha".

In terms of radio stations, there are several that focus on minimal music. One of the most popular is "Radio Caprice - Minimal Music" which streams a variety of minimalist music from artists such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and John Adams. Another popular station is "SomaFM - Drone Zone" which plays a mix of ambient and minimalist music. Additionally, "ABC Relax" and "Relax FM" are two radio stations in Russia that play a mix of relaxing and minimalist music.