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Dark music on the radio

The dark music genre is a broad term used to describe a range of musical styles that evoke feelings of gloom, mystery, and melancholy. It includes sub-genres such as dark ambient, darkwave, neoclassical darkwave, and dark folk. Popular artists in this genre include Dead Can Dance, Swans, Chelsea Wolfe, and Current 93.

Dead Can Dance is an Australian-British musical duo that formed in 1981. Their music combines elements of world music, neoclassical, and gothic rock to create a haunting and ethereal sound. Swans, on the other hand, is an American experimental rock band that was formed in 1982. Their music is characterized by its abrasive and intense sound, often incorporating elements of noise and industrial music.

There are several radio stations that play dark music, including Dark Ambient Radio, which specializes in dark ambient music, and Gothic Paradise Radio, which plays a mix of darkwave, industrial, and gothic rock. SomaFM's Drone Zone also plays a mix of ambient and dark ambient music.