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Dark house music on the radio

Dark House is a sub-genre of house music that is characterized by its dark, brooding, and atmospheric sound. It typically features heavy basslines, hypnotic rhythms, and haunting melodies that create an ominous and intense vibe.

Some of the most popular Dark House artists include Claptone, Hot Since 82, Solomun, Tale of Us, and Dixon. Claptone, known for his mysterious golden mask, has gained a massive following with his unique blend of dark and melodic house music. Hot Since 82 has also made a name for himself with his deep and emotive productions that have earned him a spot on many festival lineups.

When it comes to radio stations, there are several that specialize in Dark House music. One of the most popular is DI FM "Deep Tech" channel, which features a variety of deep and techy house music, including Dark House. Another great option is Ibiza Global Radio, which broadcasts live from the heart of Ibiza and features some of the biggest names in Dark House music. Other notable radio stations include Frisky Radio, Proton Radio, and Deep House Radio.

Overall, the Dark House genre continues to gain popularity as more and more listeners are drawn to its unique sound and atmospheric vibe. With talented artists and dedicated radio stations, Dark House music is sure to remain a staple of the electronic music scene for years to come.