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Indie music on the radio

Indie music, short for independent music, is a broad genre that encompasses a variety of styles and sounds, but generally refers to music produced by artists who are not signed to major record labels. The term "indie" originated in the 1980s when underground punk and alternative rock bands began releasing their own records and distributing them independently. Since then, indie music has grown into a diverse and thriving scene, with artists from various genres and sub-genres producing music that is often experimental, alternative, and eclectic.

Indie music is characterized by a DIY ethos, with many artists self-producing their music and promoting it through social media and independent record labels. The genre often features unique and unconventional instrumentation, as well as introspective and thoughtful lyrics. Indie music has had a significant impact on mainstream culture, with many artists becoming successful and influencing popular music.

There are many radio stations that cater to indie music lovers. Some of the most popular ones include KEXP in Seattle, which features indie music from around the world, BBC Radio 6 Music, which has a wide variety of indie music shows, and KCRW in Los Angeles, which features a mix of indie rock, electronic, and other alternative genres.