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Synth wave music on the radio

Synthwave is a genre of electronic music that emerged in the late 2000s and draws heavily from 1980s synthpop and film soundtracks. The genre has gained popularity in recent years due to its nostalgic and retro-futuristic sound, often characterized by pulsing synthesizers, dreamy melodies, and reverb-soaked drums.

One of the most popular synthwave artists is French producer Kavinsky, known for his hit track "Nightcall" and for contributing to the soundtrack of the movie Drive. Another well-known artist is The Midnight, a duo from Los Angeles who blend synthwave with elements of pop, rock, and funk. Other notable artists in the genre include Mitch Murder, FM-84, and Timecop1983.

There are a number of radio stations that specialize in playing synthwave music, including NewRetroWave, Nightride FM, and Radio 1 Vintage. These stations often feature a mix of classic synthpop tracks from the 80s as well as newer releases from contemporary synthwave artists. The genre has also inspired a growing community of fans who organize events such as retro-themed dance parties and film screenings.