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Dark folk music on the radio

Dark Folk is a genre that emerged in the 1960s as a response to the commercialization of folk music. It blends the traditional folk elements with a darker, melancholic sound. The lyrics often explore themes of death, loss, and the occult. This genre is also known as Neofolk or Apocalyptic Folk.

Some of the most popular artists of this genre are Current 93, Death in June, and Sol Invictus. Current 93, formed in 1982, is known for their experimental music and unique style of blending different genres. Death in June, formed in 1981, is influenced by post-punk and industrial music. Sol Invictus, formed in 1987, has a more traditional folk sound with a focus on acoustic instruments.

If you're interested in exploring this genre, there are several radio stations that specialize in Dark Folk music. Some of the popular ones include Radio Dark Tunnel, Radio Schattenwelt, and Radio Nostalgia. These stations feature a mix of popular and lesser-known artists from the genre, providing a great introduction to Dark Folk music.

In conclusion, Dark Folk is a unique and intriguing genre that blends traditional folk music with darker themes and experimental sounds. If you're a fan of folk music and looking for something different, give Dark Folk a listen.