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Witch house music on the radio

Witch house is a sub-genre of electronic music that emerged in the late 2000s. It is characterized by its obscure, haunting soundscapes, heavy use of reverb and delay effects, and strong visual aesthetic. The genre takes inspiration from various sources, such as horror movie soundtracks, dark ambient, shoegaze, and hip-hop.

Some of the most well-known artists in the witch house genre include:

- Salem: considered pioneers of the genre, the band combines distorted vocals, eerie synths, and heavy basslines to produce an unsettling sound.

- oOoOO: known for their dreamy, ethereal soundscapes, oOoOO's music often features chopped and screwed vocals and samples from old R&B songs.

- White Ring: blending elements of witch house, industrial, and shoegaze, this duo creates a hypnotic and sinister atmosphere with their music.

- Gr†ll Gr†ll: one of the newer artists in the genre, Gr†ll Gr†ll's music is characterized by its lo-fi, glitchy sound and unsettling samples.

If you're looking to explore witch house music further, here are a few radio stations that specialize in the genre:

- Radio Dark Tunnel: based in Belgium, this radio station broadcasts a variety of dark electronic music, including witch house, darkwave, and industrial.

- Rituals Radio: this online station features a mix of witch house, darkwave, and experimental electronic music.

- She-Ra Radio: dedicated to promoting female and non-binary artists in the witch house and darkwave genres, this station offers a unique perspective on the music.

Whether you're a fan of electronic music or just looking to explore something new, witch house offers a unique and haunting listening experience that is sure to captivate your imagination.