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Dark psy trance music on the radio

Dark psy trance is a subgenre of psychedelic trance music that emerged in the mid-2000s. It is characterized by its dark, intense, and twisted soundscapes, which are often accompanied by eerie melodies, distorted synths, and heavy basslines.

The dark psy trance genre has gained a significant following worldwide, with artists like Kindzadza, Dark Whisper, and Terratech leading the pack. Kindzadza, a Russian artist, is known for his experimental sound and use of unconventional samples in his music. Dark Whisper, hailing from Mexico, is recognized for his atmospheric soundscapes and intricate sound design. Terratech, a German artist, is known for his high-energy tracks and heavy use of bass.For those interested in exploring the dark psy trance genre, there are several radio stations available online. These include:

Digitally Imported Psychedelic Trance: This station offers a wide range of psychedelic trance subgenres, including dark psy trance.

Radio Schizoid: This Indian-based station is dedicated to psychedelic music and features several dark psy trance shows.

Triplag Radio: Triplag is a popular dark psy trance label and radio station that features live sets and shows from top artists in the genre.

Overall, the dark psy trance genre offers a unique and intense listening experience for those looking for something outside of the mainstream. With its growing popularity, it is sure to continue to evolve and push the boundaries of electronic music.