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Radio stations in Greece

Greece has a thriving radio industry, with numerous stations catering to a diverse range of interests. Some of the most popular radio stations in Greece include Antenna FM, Alpha FM, and Dromos FM. Antenna FM is known for its contemporary pop and rock music, while Alpha FM is a more traditional station that plays a variety of Greek and international music. Dromos FM is known for its focus on current events, as well as its eclectic mix of music from various genres.

One of the most popular radio programs in Greece is "Morning Glory" on Radio Arvyla, which features discussions on current events, entertainment news, and interviews with prominent figures. Another popular program is "Kafes Me Tin Eleni" on Alpha FM, which is a talk show featuring interviews with guests on a range of topics.

Music is also a big part of radio programming in Greece, with many stations featuring specific genres of music. For example, En Lefko 87.7 FM is known for its alternative and indie rock music, while Rythmos FM plays contemporary Greek pop music. Sport FM is a popular station for sports fans, with extensive coverage of football, basketball, and other popular sports. Overall, radio remains a key source of entertainment and information for many Greeks.