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Vaporwave music on the radio

Vaporwave is a music genre that emerged in the early 2010s and is characterized by its heavy use of sampling from 80s and 90s pop music, smooth jazz, and elevator music. The genre is known for its distinct nostalgic sound and is often associated with a dystopian or futuristic aesthetic.

Some of the most popular artists in the vaporwave genre include Macintosh Plus, Saint Pepsi, and Floral Shoppe. Macintosh Plus is known for their album "Floral Shoppe," which is considered a classic in the genre. Saint Pepsi's "Hit Vibes" and "Empire Building" are also highly regarded in the community.

Vaporwave has a strong presence on the internet and has spawned a subculture of its own. There are many online radio stations that specialize in playing vaporwave music. Some of the most popular stations include Vaporwave Radio, Vaporwaves 24/7, and New World. These stations feature a mix of classic tracks and new releases from up and coming artists in the genre.

Overall, vaporwave is a unique and fascinating genre that continues to evolve and attract new fans. Its use of nostalgia and futuristic themes make for an interesting listening experience that is sure to appeal to anyone looking for something a little different in their music.