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Radio stations in Singapore

Singapore is a small island country in Southeast Asia known for its bustling economy, cultural diversity, and modern cityscape. The most popular radio stations in Singapore include Mediacorp stations like 938Now, Class 95FM, and Gold 905FM, as well as SPH Radio stations like Kiss92FM, ONE FM 91.3, and UFM 100.3.

938Now is a news and talk radio station that covers local and international news, as well as discussions on current affairs and lifestyle topics. Class 95FM and Gold 905FM are popular English-language music stations that play a mix of contemporary hits and classic favorites. Kiss92FM and ONE FM 91.3 cater to younger audiences with their focus on popular music, while UFM 100.3 targets Mandarin-speaking listeners with a mix of music and talk shows.

Other notable radio programs in Singapore include The Big Show on Gold 905FM, a popular morning show featuring humor, interviews, and current events; The Shan and Rozz Show on Kiss92FM, a popular talk show that covers a wide range of topics with a lighthearted and irreverent approach; and The Y.E.S. 93.3FM Breakfast Show, which features music, news, and discussions on lifestyle and entertainment topics. Overall, Singapore's radio landscape offers a diverse mix of news, music, and talk programs catering to a wide range of audiences.