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Indie dance rock music on the radio

Indie dance rock, also known as indie dance or indie rock dance, is a subgenre of indie rock that incorporates electronic dance music elements. It emerged in the late 2000s and became popular in the early 2010s. The genre combines indie rock's guitar-driven sound with electronic dance beats and synthpop melodies. It often features live instruments, such as guitars and drums, alongside electronic instruments, such as synthesizers and drum machines.

Some of the most popular indie dance rock artists include LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, Cut Copy, Hot Chip, and The Rapture. LCD Soundsystem is known for their blend of dance-punk and indie rock, while Phoenix is known for their catchy pop hooks and danceable rhythms. Cut Copy and Hot Chip incorporate elements of disco and funk into their music, while The Rapture combines punk rock and dance music.

There are several radio stations that play indie dance rock, including Indie Dance Rocks Radio, Indie Dance FM, and Indie Rocks Radio. These stations feature a mix of established artists and up-and-coming acts, and showcase a variety of subgenres within indie dance rock. They also provide a platform for independent artists to gain exposure and reach new audiences. Overall, indie dance rock continues to evolve and push boundaries, with new artists and sounds emerging within the genre.