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Ethnic house music on the radio

Ethnic house is a subgenre of house music that incorporates elements from traditional or world music. It emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s in Europe, particularly in Germany, and has since gained a global following. Ethnic house typically features the use of ethnic instruments and vocal samples, such as African drums, Middle Eastern flutes, and Indian sitars, blended with electronic beats and production techniques.

Some of the most popular ethnic house artists include German DJ and producer Mousse T, who is known for his hit single "Horny" and collaborations with artists such as Tom Jones and Emma Lanford. Another prominent figure in the genre is Italian DJ and producer Nicola Fasano, whose track "75, Brazil Street" became a hit in 2007. Other notable artists include Dutch DJ R3HAB, German DJ and producer Robin Schulz, and French DJ and producer David Guetta.

There are several radio stations dedicated to ethnic house music, including Radio Marbella, an online station based in Spain that streams a variety of electronic dance music genres, including ethnic house. Another is Ethno House FM, an online station based in Russia that focuses exclusively on ethnic house music. Finally, there's House Music Radio, a UK-based station that features a mix of different house music subgenres, including ethnic house.