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Dream house music on the radio

Dream House, also known as dream trance or dream dance, is an electronic music genre that originated in the early 1990s in Germany. This genre is characterized by its dreamy and ethereal soundscapes, typically featuring a combination of melodic synths, uplifting beats, and ethereal vocals.

Some of the most popular Dream House artists include Robert Miles, DJ Dado, and ATB. Robert Miles is known for his hit song "Children," which became a worldwide sensation in the mid-1990s. DJ Dado is another well-known Dream House artist, best known for his track "X-Files Theme." ATB, a German DJ and producer, is also a prominent figure in the Dream House genre, with hits such as "9 PM (Till I Come)" and "Ecstasy."

There are several radio stations that feature Dream House music. One popular station is Digitally Imported (DI) FM, which has a Dream House channel that plays 24/7. Another station is Radio Record, which is based in Russia and has a dedicated Dream House channel. Other stations that play Dream House music include Frisky Radio and AH FM.

Dream House music continues to captivate listeners with its uplifting and mesmerizing soundscapes. Its popularity has led to the emergence of new artists and a growing fanbase, ensuring that this genre remains relevant in the electronic music scene for years to come.