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Future funk music on the radio

Future funk is a subgenre of electronic dance music that emerged in the early 2010s. It combines elements of funk, disco, and soul with electronic music production techniques, creating a nostalgic and funky sound that is perfect for dancing. The genre is characterized by the use of chopped and sampled vocals, funky basslines, and upbeat rhythms.

One of the most popular future funk artists is French producer and DJ, Daft Punk, who was instrumental in popularizing the genre. Other notable artists include Yung Bae, Flamingosis, and Macross 82-99.

Future funk has gained a significant following online through platforms like SoundCloud and Bandcamp, where producers release their music for free or for a small fee. The genre also has a strong presence on YouTube, where users create "aesthetic" videos featuring anime, vaporwave, and other retro visuals to accompany the music.

There are several online radio stations that feature future funk, including Future City Records Radio, Future Funk Radio, and MyRadio - Future Funk. These stations play a mix of classic and contemporary future funk tracks, making them a great way to discover new artists and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the genre.