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Smooth music on the radio

Smooth music is a genre that can be described as a mix of jazz, R&B, and soul music. It is known for its mellow and relaxing sound, often featuring slow and soothing melodies, and soft vocals. This genre has gained popularity over the years, especially among those who seek a laid-back and calming ambiance.

Some of the most popular artists in the smooth music genre include Sade, Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, and George Benson. Sade, born in Nigeria, is known for her unique and sultry voice, and her hits such as "Smooth Operator" and "The Sweetest Taboo." Luther Vandross, an American singer, was known for his romantic ballads and smooth vocals, including the hit song "Dance with My Father." Anita Baker, another American artist, is known for her soulful and jazzy music, including the hit songs "Sweet Love" and "Giving You The Best That I Got." George Benson, an American guitarist, is known for his smooth jazz music, particularly his hit song "Breezin'."

There are several radio stations that exclusively play smooth music. Some of the most popular stations include Smooth Radio, Smooth Jazz Radio, and Smooth Choice Radio. Smooth Radio, a UK-based station, plays a mix of smooth music, including jazz, R&B, and pop hits. Smooth Jazz Radio, as the name suggests, focuses on smooth jazz music, featuring artists such as Dave Koz and Norah Jones. Smooth Choice Radio, a US-based station, plays a mix of smooth jazz, R&B, and soul music.

In conclusion, smooth music is a genre that has gained popularity among those who enjoy a relaxing and soothing ambiance. With its mellow melodies, soft vocals, and jazzy sound, it is no wonder that this genre has produced some of the most iconic and beloved artists of our time.