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Tantra music on the radio

Tantra music is a genre of music that is often associated with tantric practice and spiritual exploration. It features repetitive rhythms and melodies that are intended to induce a trance-like state and facilitate deep meditation and introspection. The music is often characterized by the use of traditional instruments such as sitars, tablas, and other percussive instruments, as well as electronic instrumentation.

Some of the most popular artists in the tantra music genre include Deva Premal and Miten, who are known for their devotional chanting and fusion of Indian and Western musical styles. Other notable artists include Snatam Kaur, who is known for her soulful vocals and use of the harmonium, and Prem Joshua, who blends Indian classical music with jazz and electronic music.

There are several radio stations that feature tantra music, including Radio Art - Tantra, which offers a variety of meditative and relaxation music, including tantra music. Another popular station is Sacred Music Radio, which features a mix of devotional and spiritual music from a variety of genres, including tantra music. Additionally, many streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music offer curated playlists of tantra music for listeners to explore and enjoy.