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Radio stations in Harjumaa county, Estonia

Harjumaa is a county in northern Estonia, with Tallinn as its capital. It covers an area of 4,333 square kilometers and has a population of over 600,000 people. The county is known for its diverse landscapes, ranging from coastal areas to forests and lakes, and its rich cultural heritage.

There are several popular radio stations that cater to the diverse interests of the people of Harjumaa county. These include:

- Raadio Sky Plus: One of the most popular radio stations in Estonia, Raadio Sky Plus plays the latest Estonian and international music hits. It also features entertaining talk shows and news programs.
- Raadio Kuku: Raadio Kuku is known for its informative and analytical news programs, which cover both local and international news. It also features engaging talk shows and music programs.
- Raadio Tallinn: Raadio Tallinn is a local radio station that plays a mix of music, news, and talk shows. It focuses on the events and happenings in Tallinn and its surrounding areas.

Some of the most popular radio programs in Harjumaa county include:

- Hommik!: This is a morning show on Raadio Sky Plus that features entertaining discussions, news updates, and interviews with celebrity guests.
- Räägime asjast: Raadio Kuku's flagship show, Räägime asjast, is a talk show that covers current events and issues affecting Estonia and the world.
- Kuula rändajat: Kuula rändajat is a travel program on Raadio Tallinn that explores the different regions and attractions of Estonia and beyond.

Overall, Harjumaa county offers a rich and diverse range of radio stations and programs that cater to the interests of its people.