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Radio stations in Illinois state, United States

Located in the Midwest region of the United States, Illinois is the sixth most populous state in the country. Known for its bustling city of Chicago, Illinois offers a diverse range of attractions, including scenic outdoor spaces, cultural institutions, and historic landmarks.

Illinois is home to a variety of radio stations that cater to different interests and preferences. Some of the most popular radio stations in the state include:

- WBEZ 91.5 FM: This public radio station based in Chicago offers a mix of news, talk, and entertainment programs. It is known for its award-winning journalism and popular shows like "This American Life" and "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!"
- B96 96.3 FM: One of the top-rated pop music stations in Illinois, B96 plays the latest hits and features celebrity interviews and live performances.
- WLS 890 AM: This talk radio station based in Chicago covers a range of topics, including politics, current events, and sports. It is home to popular shows like "The John Howell Show" and "The Ben Shapiro Show."
- WXRT 93.1 FM: With a focus on alternative and indie music, WXRT is a beloved station among music lovers in Illinois. It also features live performances and interviews with emerging artists.

In addition to the popular radio stations in Illinois, there are several programs that have gained a following among listeners in the state. Some of these include:

- Morning Shift on WBEZ: Hosted by journalist Jenn White, this news and talk show covers a range of topics, from politics to culture to local events.
- The Eric in the Morning Show on 101.9 The Mix: This popular morning radio show features a mix of music, humor, and celebrity interviews.
- The Steve Dahl Show on WLS: Hosted by radio personality Steve Dahl, this talk show covers current events, pop culture, and personal anecdotes.
- The Drive with Dan Bernstein and Leila Rahimi on 670 The Score: This sports talk show covers Chicago sports teams and features interviews with athletes and coaches.

Whether you're a fan of news, music, talk radio, or sports, there's something for everyone on the airwaves in Illinois.