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Progressive psy trance music on the radio

Progressive Psy Trance is a subgenre of Psychedelic Trance that emerged in the early 2000s. It is characterized by its driving basslines, hypnotic rhythms, and intricate melodies. Unlike traditional Psy Trance, Progressive Psy Trance has a slower tempo, typically ranging from 130 to 140 beats per minute. It also incorporates elements from other genres such as techno, house, and progressive rock.

Some of the most popular artists in the Progressive Psy Trance scene include Ace Ventura, Captain Hook, Liquid Soul, Astrix, and Vini Vici. These artists have gained a massive following around the world, performing at some of the biggest music festivals and events.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Progressive Psy Trance is its ability to create an immersive and euphoric experience for listeners. The music is known for its complex soundscapes and intricate arrangements that take the listener on a journey through different emotions and states of consciousness.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of radio stations dedicated to Progressive Psy Trance. Some of the most popular ones include Psychedelik com, Radiozora, and TranceBase FM. These stations offer listeners a non-stop stream of the latest tracks from the biggest artists in the genre, as well as live sets from events and festivals.

Overall, Progressive Psy Trance is a genre that continues to evolve and gain popularity among music lovers around the world. Its unique sound and ability to transport listeners to a different world make it a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.