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Mariachi music on the radio

Mariachi is a traditional style of Mexican music that originated in the western state of Jalisco. It is a vibrant and colorful genre of music, featuring a large ensemble of musicians playing guitars, trumpets, violins, and other instruments. The music often accompanies folk dances and celebrations, and is characterized by its lively rhythms and beautiful melodies.

Some of the most popular mariachi artists include Vicente Fernández, Alejandro Fernández, Pedro Infante, and José Alfredo Jiménez. These artists have helped to popularize the genre both in Mexico and around the world, and have become household names in the music industry.

There are also many radio stations that play mariachi music, both in Mexico and in other countries with large Hispanic populations. In Mexico, some of the most popular radio stations that play mariachi music include XETRA-FM "La Invasora" and XEW-AM "La B Grande." In the United States, popular radio stations that play mariachi music include K-Love 107.5 FM in Los Angeles and KXTN-FM Tejano and Proud in San Antonio, Texas.