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Kayokyoku music on the radio

Kayokyoku is a popular music genre in Japan that emerged in the 1940s and became widely popular in the 1960s. The genre's name translates to "pop music" in Japanese, and it encompasses a variety of styles including ballads, rock, and jazz. Kayokyoku is often characterized by its catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms, and the use of traditional Japanese instruments such as the shamisen.

Some of the most popular artists in the genre include Kyu Sakamoto, who is best known for his hit song "Sukiyaki," and The Tigers, a popular rock band in the 1960s. Other notable artists include Momoe Yamaguchi, Yumi Matsutoya, and Tatsuro Yamashita, who helped popularize the genre in the 1970s and 80s.

There are several radio stations in Japan that play kayokyoku music. One such station is J-Wave, a Tokyo-based FM station that plays a variety of Japanese and international music, including kayokyoku. Another popular station is Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, which plays a mix of kayokyoku and other Japanese music genres. Additionally, the internet radio station Japanimradio streams a selection of kayokyoku music online.