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Chamame music on the radio

Chamamé is a music genre originated in the northeastern region of Argentina, particularly in the provinces of Corrientes, Misiones, and Entre Ríos. It is a lively and energetic music style that blends various elements from Guarani, Spanish, and African cultures.

Some of the most popular artists of this genre include Ramona Galarza, Antonio Tarragó Ros, and Los Alonsitos. Ramona Galarza is considered the queen of Chamamé and has been active since the 1950s. Antonio Tarragó Ros is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who has been experimenting with various genres and styles within Chamamé. Los Alonsitos formed in 1992 and has since won numerous awards for their unique take on Chamamé.

There are several radio stations dedicated to promoting Chamamé music, including Radio Dos Corrientes, Radio Nacional Argentina, and FM La Ruta. These radio stations play a diverse range of Chamamé music, from classic to modern styles, and help to keep the genre alive and well.