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Tejano music on the radio

Tejano music is a genre that originated in Texas and blends traditional Mexican music with various other musical styles like polka, country, and rock. Tejano, which translates to "Texan" in Spanish, was first popularized in the 1920s and has since become an important part of Mexican-American culture.

Some of the most popular Tejano artists include Selena, who is widely regarded as the Queen of Tejano music, and her brother A.B. Quintanilla, who was the producer and songwriter for Selena y Los Dinos. Other popular Tejano artists include Emilio Navaira, Little Joe y La Familia, and La Mafia.

Tejano music is commonly heard on radio stations in Texas and other states with large Hispanic populations, but it has also gained recognition in mainstream music. Tejano radio stations include Tejano 99.9 FM and KXTN Tejano 107.5 in San Antonio, Texas, and Tejano To The Bone Radio in California. Tejano music festivals and events are also held throughout the United States, including the Tejano Music National Convention in Las Vegas and the Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio.