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House music on the radio in United States

House music originated in Chicago in the early 1980s and quickly spread across the United States, becoming a popular genre of electronic dance music. Characterized by its four-on-the-floor beat and synthesized melodies, house music has continued to evolve and influence other genres of music. Some of the most popular house music artists in the United States include Frankie Knuckles, who is considered the godfather of house music, as well as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Armin van Buuren. These artists and many others continue to push the boundaries of the genre and experiment with new sounds. Several radio stations in the United States play house music, catering to a loyal and dedicated fan base. Some of the most popular stations include Deep House Lounge, House Nation UK, and House Radio Digital. These stations offer a variety of DJs and music styles within the house genre, providing listeners with a diverse selection of tracks to enjoy. Overall, house music continues to thrive in the United States, with new talent emerging and established artists continuing to create innovative and inspired tracks. As the genre continues to grow and evolve, it will undoubtedly remain an influential and beloved part of the electronic dance music scene.