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Slow core music on the radio

Slow core is a subgenre of indie rock that emerged in the early 1990s. This genre is characterized by its slow, melancholic and minimalist sound, often featuring delicate vocals, simple instrumentals and introspective lyrics. Slow core music is often described as a more subdued and less bombastic version of rock music.

Some of the most popular artists in this genre include Low, Red House Painters, Codeine and American Analog Set. Low is a trio from Duluth, Minnesota that has been active since 1993. Their music is known for its slow, sparse and haunting sound. Red House Painters, led by singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek, released several critically acclaimed albums in the 1990s that are now considered classics of the slow core genre. Codeine, a band from New York City, is known for their slow, hypnotic sound that often features distorted guitar and hushed vocals. American Analog Set, from Austin, Texas, is another band that has been associated with the slow core genre. They are known for their dreamy, atmospheric sound that often incorporates electronic elements.

If you are a fan of slow core music, there are several radio stations that cater to this genre. Some of the most popular ones include Soma FM's Drone Zone, Radio Paradise's Mellow Mix and Slow Radio. These stations play a mix of slow core, ambient and instrumental music that is perfect for relaxing, studying or just chilling out. So if you want to discover some new slow core artists or just want to unwind with some beautiful, introspective music, tune into one of these stations and let the slow core sound wash over you.