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Russian hip hop music on the radio

Hip Hop music has been gaining popularity in Russia since the 1980s, but it wasn't until the 2000s that Russian Hip Hop really began to take off. Today, the genre is thriving with a number of talented artists and a growing fan base.

One of the most popular Russian Hip Hop artists is Oxxxymiron, who has been one of the pioneers of the Russian Hip Hop scene since the early 2000s. He's known for his complex lyrics and intricate wordplay, which has earned him a large following both in Russia and internationally. Other popular artists in the genre include Basta, L'One, and Noize MC, who are all known for their unique styles and innovative approaches to Hip Hop music.

In terms of radio stations, there are a number of great options for fans of Russian Hip Hop. One of the most popular stations is Nashe Radio, which specializes in Russian music and plays a mix of popular and up-and-coming Hip Hop artists. Another great option is Radio Record, which features a mix of electronic dance music, Hip Hop, and other genres, including popular Russian Hip Hop artists.

Overall, the Russian Hip Hop music scene is a vibrant and exciting community that continues to grow and thrive. With a number of talented artists and a growing number of radio stations catering to the genre, there's never been a better time to explore the world of Russian Hip Hop music.