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New jazz music on the radio

Jazz music has always been a vibrant and dynamic genre, constantly evolving and adapting to new influences and styles. In recent years, a new wave of jazz has emerged, blending traditional jazz with elements of hip hop, electronic, and world music. This fusion of styles has created a fresh sound that has attracted a new generation of music lovers and has reinvigorated the jazz scene.

Some of the most popular artists of this new jazz genre include Kamasi Washington, Robert Glasper, Christian Scott, and Terrace Martin. These musicians have brought their own unique styles and influences to the genre, creating a diverse and exciting range of sounds. Kamasi Washington, in particular, has gained widespread critical acclaim for his epic and ambitious jazz compositions, which feature a large ensemble and draw on elements of classical and world music. Robert Glasper, on the other hand, has blended jazz with hip hop and R&B, creating a soulful and groove-oriented sound that has won him a dedicated following.

There are also a number of radio stations that specialize in new jazz music. One of the most popular is Jazz FM, which broadcasts in the UK and features a mix of classic and contemporary jazz, as well as soul and blues. Another popular station is WBGO, based in New York City, which has been a mainstay of the jazz scene since the 1970s and features a range of jazz styles, including new jazz. Other stations that feature new jazz music include KJazz in Los Angeles, WWOZ in New Orleans, and Jazz24, which is available online.

Overall, the new jazz genre is an exciting and dynamic movement that is pushing the boundaries of what jazz can be. With a range of talented artists and dedicated radio stations, it is a genre that is sure to continue to thrive and attract new fans.