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Cypriot news on the radio

Cyprus has a number of radio stations that offer news coverage to its listeners. The two most popular radio stations for news are the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) and the privately-owned Alpha Cyprus.

CyBC is the public broadcaster of Cyprus and operates four radio stations: First Programme, Second Programme, Third Programme and Radio Cyprus International. The First and Second Programme offer news coverage in Greek, while the Third Programme offers news in Turkish. Radio Cyprus International broadcasts news in English and French. CyBC offers a mix of news, current affairs, and cultural programmes, with a focus on the Cyprus issue.

Alpha Cyprus is a privately-owned radio station that offers news coverage in Greek. Alpha Cyprus has a number of popular news programmes including "Kathimerini Stin Kipro" (Daily in Cyprus), which offers a roundup of the day's news, and "Kairos Einai" (It's Time), which focuses on current affairs.

Other radio stations in Cyprus that offer news coverage include Radio Proto, Super FM, and Kanali 6. These stations offer a mix of news and music programmes, with a smaller focus on news compared to CyBC and Alpha Cyprus.

Overall, Cyprus has a good selection of radio stations that offer news coverage to its listeners. Whether you prefer the public broadcaster or a private radio station, there are plenty of options available.