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Armenian news on the radio

Armenia has several news radio stations, both state-run and private. Among the most popular state-run stations are Public Radio of Armenia and Radio Yerevan. Public Radio of Armenia broadcasts news, music, and cultural programs in several languages, including Armenian, Russian, and English. Its news programs cover domestic and international news, as well as economics, science, and sports. Radio Yerevan, on the other hand, broadcasts news and other programming in Armenian. It covers politics, economics, culture, and sports, as well as features on social issues and current events.

In addition to state-run stations, there are several private news radio stations in Armenia, such as Radio Liberty, Radio Van, and Radio Aurora. Radio Liberty broadcasts news and analysis on politics, economics, and social issues, with a focus on human rights and civil society. Radio Van is known for its local news coverage and cultural programming, while Radio Aurora covers national and international news, as well as music and culture.

Overall, Armenian news radio programs provide listeners with a wide range of news and current affairs content, covering domestic and international issues, as well as cultural and social events.