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Algerian news on the radio

Algeria has a number of news radio stations, including Radio Algérienne, which is the state-run broadcaster, and Radio Dzair, which is privately owned. Radio Algérienne broadcasts news, current affairs, and cultural programming in Arabic, Berber, and French. Radio Dzair offers a mix of news, talk shows, and music programming in Arabic and French. Other notable news radio stations in Algeria include Chaine 3, which is operated by the state-run ENRS and broadcasts news, sports, and cultural programming in French and Arabic, and Radio Tizi Ouzou, which serves the Kabylie region and broadcasts news, music, and cultural programming in Berber and Arabic. Popular news radio programs in Algeria include "Le journal," which is a daily news bulletin that covers national and international news, and "Info Soir," which is an evening news program that features analysis and commentary on the day's events.