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Belarusian news on the radio

There are several news radio stations in Belarus that offer up-to-date news and current affairs to their listeners. One of the most popular news radio stations in Belarus is "Radiо Svaboda" which is funded by the US government and broadcasts in Belarusian language. Another popular news radio station is "Radio Belarus" which broadcasts in Russian, Belarusian, and several other languages.

Radio Svaboda provides comprehensive news coverage about Belarus, including political, economic, and social news. The radio station also offers interviews with experts and politicians, live discussions, and programs dedicated to culture and history. Additionally, the radio station often reports on issues related to human rights and the opposition movement in Belarus.

Radio Belarus is the state-run radio station of Belarus and offers news and current affairs programming on a daily basis. The radio station covers a range of topics, including politics, business, culture, and sports. It also offers international news coverage and often features interviews with political leaders and experts.

Both Radio Svaboda and Radio Belarus are available online, and listeners can tune in to their programs via the internet. Additionally, both radio stations have mobile apps that allow listeners to access their programming from their smartphones and tablets.

Overall, Belarusian news radio stations offer a range of news and current affairs programming that keeps their listeners informed about the latest developments in Belarus and around the world.