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Radio stations in Colorado state, United States

Colorado, a state located in the western region of the United States, has a diverse range of radio stations catering to different tastes and interests. Some of the most popular radio stations in Colorado include KBCO, KQMT, KBCI, KCFR, and KVOD.

KBCO, based in Boulder, is a commercial radio station that plays adult album alternative (AAA) music. KQMT, also known as "The Mountain," is a classic rock station based in Denver. KBCI, also known as Colorado Public Radio, broadcasts a range of public radio programs including news, talk shows, and music. KCFR, another public radio station based in Denver, focuses primarily on news and current affairs programming. KVOD is a classical music station based in Denver that plays a range of orchestral, operatic, and choral music.

Some popular radio programs in Colorado include Colorado Matters on KCFR, which covers news and current events in the state; The Rick Lewis Show on KOA, which covers sports and entertainment news; and The BJ & Jamie Morning Show on Alice 105.9, a popular morning talk show that covers a range of topics including entertainment, news, and pop culture. Additionally, many of Colorado's radio stations offer online streaming, allowing listeners to tune in from anywhere in the world.