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Spanish rock n roll music on the radio

Spanish rock and roll is a music genre that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s in Spain, heavily influenced by the American rock and roll of the time. The genre became a symbol of rebellion against the country's conservative Francoist regime and helped pave the way for the Spanish cultural explosion that followed Franco's death in 1975.

Some of the most popular Spanish rock and roll artists include Miguel Ríos, Loquillo y los Trogloditas, Los Ronaldos, Los Rebeldes, and Burning. Miguel Ríos is often considered the "father of Spanish rock" and is known for his hit song "Bienvenidos". Loquillo y los Trogloditas, one of the most influential Spanish rock bands, had hits such as "Cadillac Solitario" and "Rock and Roll Star". Los Ronaldos, with their blend of rock, pop, and blues, were known for songs like "Adiós papa" and "Sí, sí". Los Rebeldes and Burning are also popular bands that helped shape the Spanish rock and roll scene.

In terms of radio stations, there are several that focus on Spanish rock and roll music, such as Rock FM and Cadena SER's Los 40 Classic. Rock FM is a national station that plays classic and contemporary rock music, including Spanish rock and roll. Los 40 Classic, on the other hand, is a digital station that plays hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, including Spanish rock and roll. In addition, there are several regional stations that play Spanish rock and roll, such as Radio Euskadi's "La Jungla" and Radio Galega's "Agora rock".

Overall, Spanish rock and roll has had a significant impact on the country's cultural and political landscape, and its influence can still be heard in modern Spanish music today.