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Czech rock music on the radio

Czech rock music has a rich history dating back to the 1960s. It is a diverse genre that incorporates elements of punk, metal, and alternative rock. The genre has produced some of the most iconic artists in Czech music history.

One of the most popular Czech rock bands is Kabát. Formed in 1983, the band has released over 15 albums and has a loyal fan base. Their music is characterized by hard rock riffs and catchy choruses.

Another popular Czech rock band is Lucie. Formed in 1985, the band has released numerous hit singles and albums. Their music is known for its poetic lyrics and melodic rock sound.

Other notable Czech rock bands include Chinaski, Olympic, and Škwor. Each of these bands has a unique sound that has influenced the Czech rock scene.

If you're a fan of Czech rock music, there are several radio stations that play this genre. One of the most popular is Radio Beat, which plays a mix of classic and contemporary rock music. Radio Wave is another great option, which features a mix of alternative and indie rock.

Overall, Czech rock music is a vibrant and exciting genre that continues to evolve and inspire new generations of musicians and fans.