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Slow trance music on the radio

Slow trance, also known as ambient trance, is a sub-genre of trance music that emerged in the early 2000s. It features the same driving, repetitive beats and synthesized melodies as traditional trance, but at a slower tempo, typically between 100-130 BPM. Slow trance is known for its dreamy, ethereal soundscapes and relaxing, meditative quality.

Some of the most popular artists in the slow trance genre include Enigma, Delerium, ATB, and Blank & Jones. Enigma is known for its use of Gregorian chants and ethnic instrumentation, while Delerium incorporates elements of world music and vocals from a variety of different singers. ATB is one of the most successful trance DJs of all time and has incorporated elements of slow trance into many of his tracks. Blank & Jones are known for their chillout remixes of popular trance tracks.

There are a variety of radio stations that play slow trance music, both online and offline. Some popular online radio stations that feature slow trance include DI.FM's Chillout Dreams, Psyndora Ambient, and Chillout Zone. Offline radio stations that play slow trance can be found in major cities throughout the world, particularly in areas with a strong electronic music scene. Slow trance can also often be found on playlists and in sets at music festivals and clubs that feature trance music.