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Underground trance music on the radio

Underground trance is a subgenre of trance music that emerged in the late 1990s as a response to the commercialization of trance music. This genre is characterized by its experimental nature, often featuring darker and more complex melodies and rhythms than mainstream trance music. Underground trance artists often focus on creating a unique sound that stands out from the crowd, rather than following the trends of the mainstream trance scene.

Some of the most popular underground trance artists include John Askew, Simon Patterson, Bryan Kearney, Sean Tyas, and John O'Callaghan. These artists are known for pushing the boundaries of the genre with their complex and unconventional soundscapes, as well as their energetic live performances.

There are a number of online radio stations that cater to fans of underground trance music. Some popular examples include DI.FM's Trance channel, Afterhours.fm, and Trance-Energy Radio. These stations feature a variety of underground trance DJs and artists, as well as interviews and other programming related to the genre. Additionally, many underground trance artists have their own radio shows or podcasts, which provide fans with an opportunity to hear their latest tracks and remixes, as well as explore the wider world of underground trance music.