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Psy ambient music on the radio

Psy ambient music, also known as psychedelic ambient, is a subgenre of ambient music that incorporates elements of psychedelic and trance music. This genre emerged in the 1990s and has since gained a significant following among fans of electronic music.

Psy ambient music is characterized by its dreamy and ethereal soundscapes, often featuring intricate rhythms, organic textures, and hypnotic melodies. This genre is often used for meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness practices due to its calming and introspective nature.

Some of the most popular artists in this genre include Shpongle, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Entheogenic, Androcell, and Solar Fields. Shpongle, a collaboration between Simon Posford and Raja Ram, is one of the most well-known psy ambient acts, known for their intricate sound design and use of exotic instruments.

Carbon Based Lifeforms, a duo from Sweden, creates lush soundscapes using a combination of electronic and acoustic instruments. Entheogenic, a project by Piers Oak-Rhind, blends psychedelic and world music influences to create a unique sound.

Androcell, the project of Tyler Smith, incorporates elements of tribal music and Eastern spirituality into his music, while Solar Fields, the project of Magnus Birgersson, creates expansive, cinematic soundscapes.

There are several radio stations that specialize in psy ambient music, including Radio Schizoid, Psyradio fm, and Chillout Radio. These stations feature a variety of artists and subgenres within the psy ambient genre and are a great way to discover new music.

In conclusion, psy ambient music is a unique and captivating genre that combines elements of ambient, trance, and psychedelic music. With its dreamy soundscapes and introspective nature, it's no wonder that this genre has gained a dedicated following among fans of electronic music.