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Uk funk music on the radio

UK Funk is a subgenre of funk music that emerged in the United Kingdom during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is characterized by a blend of funk, soul, and disco with a unique British twist. UK Funk has had a significant influence on the development of other genres such as acid jazz, trip hop, and neo-soul.

One of the most popular UK Funk bands is Jamiroquai, formed in 1992. Their music blends funk, acid jazz, and disco, and they have had numerous hits including "Virtual Insanity" and "Canned Heat." Another influential band is Incognito, formed in 1979. Incognito's music combines jazz, funk, and soul, and they have worked with several notable artists including Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder.

There are several radio stations in the UK that specialize in UK Funk music. One of the most popular is Mi-Soul, which broadcasts online and on DAB digital radio. Mi-Soul plays a mix of old and new UK Funk tracks and also features interviews with artists and DJs. Another popular station is Solar Radio, which has been broadcasting since 1984. Solar Radio plays a variety of soul and funk music, including UK Funk, and is available on DAB digital radio and online.

Other notable UK Funk radio stations include Jazz FM, which plays a mix of jazz and funk, and Totally Wired Radio, which features a range of underground and independent funk and soul music.

Overall, UK Funk is a vibrant and unique subgenre of funk music with a rich history of influential artists and innovative sounds. With several dedicated radio stations, it is easy to discover and enjoy this exciting genre of music.